With the blessings of Sri Hari, Vayu, Gurugalu and His Holiness 1008 Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Sri Puttige Matha, Udupi, we are glad to inform you that we are performing Sri Srinivasa Kalyana in Melbourne.

Lord Venkateshwara is the greatest deity for the hundred crore of Hindus all over the world. His Pooja in the form of Shrinivasa Kalyana is a traditional ceremony performed    by the vaishnavites. This is the most popular pooja of Lord Shrinivasa famous in puranic yore, performed with great pomp and devotion by the devotees for fulfillment of all their wishes. Shreenivasa Kalyana, scholars say is not to be seen as Kalyana of Shrinivasa. This is the Kalyana for the people By Lord Shrinivasa. “Shrinivasa Kalyana” is the means of kalyana or the well being, prosperity, peace, and spiritual salvation of all people by Shrinivasa. No Kalyana is there to be acquired or attained for Srinivasa. The omnipotent Omnipresent Lord who is the overlord of the entire cosmos, does neither need any Kalyana or nor is he in need of one. But Shreenivasa Kalyana means this story or pooja is there for the kalyana of the entire humanity.

It is a well known precept of our philosophy that anybody worshipping Narayana alone will not get the full blessings. Anyone worshipping Laxmi alone won’t benefit eventually. Worshipping of Both Laxmi and Narayana together is the proper way to get Lord’s grace. Hence Shrinivasa Kalyana is the most appropriate form of worshipping meant for the grace of The Lord.

The Story

The context of the story is brought out by the scholars in a beautiful way. Lord Venkatesha who is the sole benefactor for the entire creation in Kaliyuga, approached Lord Chaturmukha to arrange for his celestial wedding ceremony to be held on earth. Then Chaturmukha said that the entire creation would involve itself in the kalyana of Shrinivasa, including himself. These words come from Chaturmukha who is the primordial creator of the Universe. This conversation shows that Shrinivasa Kalyana is there for the whole world created by Brahma. Hence no one is excluded.

This parable of Kalyana envelops into itself the entire humanity and the story spans four Yugas. Lord Chaturmukha is there. Vedavathi of Tretayuga is there. Shwetha Varaha of Kritayuga is there. Yashoda of Dwapara is there in the form of Bakuladevi. King Janaka of Kaliyuga is there. Venkatadri is the name of Anjanadri, Sheshadri and Vrishabadri of Yugas. Thus the story covers chaturyuga.

The divine presentation of Shrinivasa Kalyana is the culmination of entire universe. The celestial wedding of Padmavathi with Shrinivasa is the enactment of attainment of the mukthi for the people who are steeped in Karma Bandha. Padmavathi symbolizes the devotees and sadhakas who reach their destination of Lord. Lord Shrinivasa plays the mortal role to show the entire predicament of Samsara. He borrows money from Kubera for his own wedding, incurs debt, gets lands for living from Varahadeva, suffers from love for Padmavathi, takes the help of mediators to win his consort and what not. All these pitfalls of day to life of the mankind are there in order to send the message to world that Srinivasa Kalyana is not only for the sages and Devas. It is there for the lowest of the low that are stuck in Samsara.

This is the story from Bhavishyottara Purana. Scholars say that the name of the Purana is symbolic. Bhavishya means the future. Uttara is lifting the people from the mire of sin. Purana is old. This is the oldest solution meant for elevating the people from their sinful life and overcoming the mountain of difficulties, not only for the present but for the present and the future as well.

The Relevance

The origin of the story shows that this has the highest relevance for our present day life. This story was told to Janaka by a sage called Shatananda, who was the son of Gouthama and Ahalya. King Janaka was worried about the fate of his four daughters for whom he wanted good match and also happy, prosperous,and peaceful future life for them. As a father he had anxiety. Shatananda, the sage told him to arrange for thr Pooja of Shreenivasa Kalyana to get what he wanted. Thus Shreenivasa Kalyana came about as a panacea for very earthly problems.  Origin of the story shows, that it is there for the people who are in Samsara and want solution for their various problems arising out of their Karma and sin.

Shreenivasa Kalyana is said to fulfil all our wishes. This Seva of Lord Venkateshwara will bestow prosperity for the poor, health for the sick, knowledge for those who seek enlightenment, victory over their enemies, peace and happiness in life and above all removes all your earthly worries and sorrow.

It is said that this story of Lord Shrinivasa has been the cause of alleviation of poison for Neelakantha and secured the Position for Devendra. If this is to be revered and served by Lord Shiva and Devendra, no doubt this is going to take us to bliss.

The Interpretation

This Shrinivasa kalyana is interpreted by the scholars as the very epitome and quintessence of all shastras. This is known as the living example of all the tenets of Sarvamoola. Hence listening and participating in Shreenivasa Kalyana is nothing short of Adhyayana of Sarvamoola. Lord Venkatesha is same as Shri Krishna of Dwapara, Shri Rama of Tretayuga and Lord Narasimha of Kritayuga. Hence Shrinivasa Kalyana the ritual, is the culmination of all rituals of chaturyuga, worshipping of all Gods and also greatest ever Jnanayoga. Union of Padmavathi and Shrinivasa symbolizes the union of the entire Gamut of life of jeevas   in their path of attainment in fourteen lokas, which is running according to the will of Lord Shrimannarayana.

Thus Shrinivasa Kalyana is looked upon as the meeting point of divinity with samsara where earthly life transcends to cosmic level. Those who take part in this celestial performance with devotion will find themselves redeemed from the clutches of earthly ties and take themselves into the gracious world of Lord’s compassion and grace.

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